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Transporting and Planting Ex-Ground Trees

Ex-ground or established tree planting is often used in a project for a ‘completed’ or ‘flourishing’ aesthetic. Due to the stock being already established in its originating location, transporting and re-planting the stock takes a high level of careful consideration to ensure the tree will re-establish itself in its new location and grow healthily, thus moving and planting ex-ground trees is not an exercise our team takes lightly!

Careful steps must be taken when transporting ex-ground trees to ensure a safe relocation, our team, along with our preferred nurseries construct carrying cages together to ensure the tree, its foliage, root system, and branches are not damaged during the move. Relationships with our nursery suppliers are paramount in ensuring the healthiest and best specimens are chosen for each project.

After the move, there is a process of tree planting that needs to be followed to ensure that the tree will blossom in its new home. Planting and establishing trees is all about managing the air and moisture in the soil, and correct management of these natural elements will ensure the thriving of the tree.

Our team makes sure that the tree will be planted at the right depth and irrigated properly to give it its best chance at success. We also mulch and stake the new ex-ground tree as necessary to ensure the moisture is retained in the soil, suppress weeds, and aid stability in the specimen while its root system re-established itself in its new home.

We have been working on several projects that require large ex-ground tree planting in the recent months, these include the commercial landscaping projects at 310 Ann Street, the Dockside Precinct Town Square, and the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Main Courtyard, as well as a private residential landscaping project in New Farm.

Our team is dedicated to making sure the ex-ground tree will be transported with care and planted at the right depth and irrigated properly to give it its best chance at success.

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