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Ashgrove Private Residence

The Ashgrove private residence is a design and construction project undertaken by our expert team, with the final works completed in September 2017.

The project brief was to design and construct a modern pool, afforded by beautiful view lines from the deck area at this Brisbane Northside property. The private owners requested the existing water tank to be retained but to improve its appearance, and to screen neighbours from view into their rear garden.

The Penfold Projects design and construct team worked closely with the clients to create a series of concept that will allow an 8x4m pool to be installed in the existing space.

The final landscape featured a modern pool with inbuilt entry steps and large bench seats at the rear, surrounded by a glass fence complying with Queensland safety standards, and a low-maintenance palette of planting to suit South East Queensland’s climate.

A custom-built screening fence was constructed around the existing water tank, with trellising screening and Star Jasmine climbers to create a vertical garden and point of interest. The timber used was painted to match the existing deck.


Private Residence




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