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Landscape Ideas: Mediterranean Garden

Bring Greece and Italy home with this summer with a Mediterranean inspired garden!

The Mediterranean landscaping design style is characterised by bright colours and earthy hues. The style is very summery, laidback, and the focus is on the gardens. Lawns are often omitted from this style, and open surfaces are either paved or covered in gravel. Accent pots, water features, and courtyard sitting are often incorporated as part of the style. Popular hardscaping materials include stone, concrete, and ceramics in rich earthy shades such as terracotta and sandstone.

Key elements to achieve an attractive, low-maintenance, and water-smart Mediterranean garden include:

  • Shaded seating areas: Install pergolas for outdoor entertainment and plant climbers to provide shade. Ideal climbers include Bougainvillea, Westringia, Hedera helix, or a grapevine.
  • Pots and containers: Terracotta pots are a very recognisable feature in Mediterranean gardens. Used as focal points or as container gardening, they come in all shapes and sizes to fit your garden. Clay pots are often selected as they remain cool by evaporation.
  • Gravel paving: The Mediterranean climate is quite dry, and maintaining a lawn can be quite costly, therefore gravel paving is often seen in a Mediterranean garden. Choosing to forgo the lawn will not only help you achieve the style, but it will help you conserve more water in your landscaping and maintenance.
  • Water Features: Water features are often seen in the Mediterranean as a way to cool the air in the heat. Adding a water feature in your Mediterranean style garden will not only fit the theme, but it can add dimension and design focus in your garden. See our post on water features for more ideas.
  • Edible Gardens: Gardens with colourful herbs, fruits, and vegetables are often planted in a Mediterranean garden as there is a culture for the love of the culinary arts in the Mediterranean countries. See our post on multipurpose gardens for ideas to use in your edible garden.
  • Succulents and drought-tolerant plants: Plants that often come to mind when imagining a garden in the Mediterranean belong to a palette of grays, purples, and blue-greens. When choosing your planting palette for a Mediterranean inspired garden, consider plants such as Trailing Rosemary for hedging, Lavandula for their silver foliage and scented flowers, and succulents such as Agave victoriae regenae, Euphorbia tirucalli ‘sticks of fire’ and Senecio manralisae for accents.

While the Mediterranean garden is suited to a climate that is drier, the effect of Queensland’s humidity could be negated by clever positioning of plants, and controlled irrigation systems.

If you’re interested in bringing the Mediterranean to your space, get in touch with our design team today for a consultation!


The Mediterranean landscaping design style is characterised by bright colours and earthy hues. The style is very summery, laidback, and the focus is on the gardens.

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