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The Importance of Streetscape

Landscaping can transform a variety of spaces for different functions, such as parklands, schoolyards, rooftop gardens, and of course, backyards.

One form of landscaping that is less often talked about is the streetscape. Streetscapes are landscape designs we interact with every day, and whether you are driving, cycling, walking, or running, the moment you leave your front door you are interacting with streetscape.

Streetscaping is integral in shaping a community’s identity, therefore it is often subjected to lengthy approval processes. Despite the process, care in designing the streetscape element of your project’s plan is paramount to its success, and well-designed streetscaping encourage connection, understanding, and a sense of community for those who frequent the space.

Beyond the aforementioned contributions to communities, improved streetscapes have been found to provide countless of benefits to communities:

  • Creating local green jobs
  • Reducing energy costs for consumers
  • Increasing the property values of homes and businesses
  • Reducing traffic congestion by providing access to alternative modes of transport
  • Reducing water treatment costs by facilitating natural stormwater filtration
  • Providing recreational spaces that encourage healthier and more active lifestyles
  • Reducing air pollution by sequestering harmful carbon emissions

Our landscape design and construction team have extensive experience in creating streetscaping that is cohesive to the location through the use of local species, and unique in its contribution to ensure your project stand out from the crowd. Find out how our team can help you by contacting us today!

Check out the beautiful examples of apartmentgovernment, residential, and commercial streetscapes we have created for our clients:


Well-designed streetscaping encourage connection, understanding, and a sense of community for those who frequent the space.

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