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Ideas drying up? Add a water feature!

Make a splash with your next landscaping project with a custom designed water feature, pool, or pond! Water features can bring your garden together as a focal piece, or blend into landscaping as the perfect finishing touch.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of our top reasons why we think you should consider a water feature in your next residential or commercial project:

Cool down your garden

Imagine dipping your toes into the pool, or sitting by the fountain during a summer BBQ, having a water feature will cool your garden right down during Queensland’s infamous summers, making the outdoor space a lot more pleasant and more enjoyable.

Water makes space look larger

Using the same principles as installing mirrors in a room to make a small space feel larger, water’s reflective properties can make your outdoor space appear and feel bigger, you can even amplify this effect by using dark stones or tiles to improve reflectiveness.

Water adds a sense of peacefulness and serenity

Being close to water has been found to reduce stress hormone levels in studies, which might why a lot of people go to the beach, the lakes, or hike to a waterfall as a way to relax! The sound of water also helps block out unwanted noise and enhancing that feeling of peacefulness.

A unique way to upgrade your garden

Impress with your new water feature, they’re not as commonly installed as you might think. A little creativity and thoughts on how it can blend into your space can take your landscaping to a new level. Try to integrate your new water feature with your planting palette and colours!

Our team has experience in creating water features to fit projects of all shapes and sizes, some examples include the design and construct water fountain at Aveo The Clayfield, Aveo Springfield, a private residence in Brisbane, and the lagoon at Maranatha Aged Care. Get in touch with our team now to find out how you can incorporate a custom designed and construct water feature to your project!

Make a splash with your next landscaping project with a custom designed water feature, pool, or pond!

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