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High Rise Challenges

Quality landscaping is an essential input to creating a stylish development, be it a residential tower or a commercial precinct. With the upward trends in vertical living in capital cities across Australia, architects are increasingly incorporating rooftop greenspaces in high rise apartments for residents to enjoy. However, as with any construction project, vertical living comes with a unique set of challenges for landscapers.

Our construction team here at Penfold Projects have worked on a number of elevated greenspaces across Brisbane in the recent years. These projects include (but not limited to) Trafalgar Residences on the 6th floor, Ivy & Eve on the 5th floor, Spire Apartments on the 40th floor, and One South City on level 14.

There are many logistical and construction challenges that comes with working on projects involving high rise landscaping. Often, a new development has to go through a series of consultations through the council and with the community before it could be greenlighted, to discuss concerns ranging from disruption to the local community, noise, and traffic access.

As a result, our teams often have to work alongside other trades at all hours of the day to ensure the project is completed to a strict timeline and budget without compromising on the quality of the work Penfold Projects is known for.

Our team is also faced with construction challenges when working on high rise projects, such as the delivery of equipment and material to the site, restricted access, and tight working spaces. In order to deliver materials and equipment, the use of tower cranes, telescopic belt conveyers, and pumps are often incorporated.

Our team, consisting of horticulturalists, designers, and construction professionals, also work closely together to ensure the final landscape outcome is drought and wind tolerant, and is low maintenance for the property owners, while stylish for the residents.

Our team aim to transform any greenspaces into a sanctuary for work, play and relaxation, get in touch with our team today to find out how we can bring our specialised skills and knowledge in landscaping to your upcoming high rise project.


There are many logistical and construction challenges that comes with working on projects involving high rise landscaping.

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