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Hot as fire: Designing your perfect fire pit.

Fire pits come in a dazzling array of styles. They can be stunning additions to your property and ideal gathering points for every family’s social occasions, especially on those cooler winter nights.

Different settings (above ground, sunken effect, suspended) and materials (granite, bricks, concrete, glass enclosed) exist when it comes to building your fire pit. Considering the general shape and seating setting of this outdoor feature is a great starting point as it will define the users’ experience.

From a square and rustic look, to a more curvaceous and modern style, there is no limit to the imagination. While most designers would recommend to work in the continuity of your property’s theme, it is not rare to see fire pits that radically diverge from the overall style of the house to almost become the focal point of the yard. Who said you can’t add a retro looking fire pit to complement a modern and sophisticated house? If unsure ask your designer for advice and describe your perfect fire pit experience.

Fire Pit


Location, location, location

Your fire pit should be the cornerstone of your courtyard, so make sure to capitalize on location. Placing your fire pit in the center of the yard is a great way to make a statement and offer a fantastic 360 panoramic view, ideal for stargazing sessions. On the other hand, building your fire pit in a corner is the perfect solution if you are seeking a cozy and secluded space to unwind after a busy day and hide away from the television.

Fire Pit


It’s all about the vibe

You don’t need to break the bank to build the perfect fire pit. Fire pits have that irresistible inviting effect on people whether they are sophisticated or traditional. They are still the best place to reminisce about your hiking adventure of the day and share a sausage sizzle.

Fire Pit


Make it work

If the aesthetic is highly important, functionality is primordial and getting the best of both worlds should be your main focus. Think seating comfort for long chats around your best bottle of wine, distance from flames (about 1 marshmallow roasting stick length) and surrounding nature. Make sure it is safe to light a fire in the allocated space for your pit, also consider the elements such as plants or trees in the direct vicinity and how the smoke and ashes can potentially damage them.

Fire Pit


No wood, no fire

Last but not least, make sure you allocate space for wood storage. This important part of the process is too often left to the last minute and can quickly turn into a problem. There are multiple ways to store wood so why not get creative and make the most of it? Note that there also exist Eco-friendly alternatives to wood such as gas or ethanol.


Talk to our team if you want to add a fantastic fire pit feature to your property. Our design and construct team will help you add that wow factor and achieve the look you’re after.

Fire pits have that irresistible inviting effect on people whether they are sophisticated or traditional.

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