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Our relationships have been built and consolidated on the ability to deliver projects professionally, on schedule, and with unrivaled quality.

Penfold Projects is one of Australia’s largest and most capable commercial landscape companies, comprising a network of offices and professional services. Our range of services, coupled with expert staff experience, commitment, and enthusiasm, produce quality outcomes, and has seen Penfold Projects successfully complete projects ranging in size, budget, and industry.

Comprehensive commercial landscaping solutions

Penfold Projects specialises in luxury landscaping, meticulously crafting outdoor environments that exude sophistication and elegance through the seamless integration of high-end materials, exquisite plantings, and bespoke design elements.

From large-scale high-rise developments to more intricate and confined green space designs, Penfold Projects consistently delivers quality outcomes and meets the highest expectations of our clients. Our success in the landscaping industry is the culmination of the quality of our staff, with more than 30 years of commercial landscaping experience. From horticulture services, project management, and contract administration to site supervisors, landscape tradespersons, construction staff, and our landscape architecture team, Penfold Projects offers a complete landscape service.

Trusted by leading construction companies

Penfold Projects has been delivering commercial landscape design and construction to Australia’s leading construction companies, including Leighton Contractors, Lendlease, Hutchinson Builders, Watpac, John Holland Group, and FKG Group, just to name a few. Our relationships have been built and consolidated on the ability to deliver projects professionally, on schedule, and with unrivalled quality.

Overcoming unique challenges in commercial landscaping

Commercial landscaping projects present distinct challenges that require specialised expertise and meticulous planning. At Penfold Projects, we understand the importance of creating landscapes that can withstand high foot traffic, comply with safety regulations, and align with your brand identity. Our team collaborates closely with you to develop tailor-made solutions that address these challenges while optimising the visual appeal and functionality of your commercial space.

Enhancing commercial properties in Brisbane

Our commercial landscaping services can significantly improve the appeal and usability of various types of commercial properties in Brisbane. As a Brisbane based landscaping company, we have a deep understanding of the local climate and unique requirements of the commercial sector. Whether you manage an office complex, retail centre, industrial park, or hospitality venue, we can create inviting outdoor spaces that attract customers, boost employee morale, and increase property value. By incorporating elements such as lush greenery, water features, seating areas, and well-defined walkways, we can transform your commercial landscape into a valuable asset for your business.

Comprehensive range of commercial landscaping services

At Penfold Projects, we offer a full spectrum of commercial landscaping services to cater to your specific needs and goals. Our services include:

  1. Landscape design: Our talented Brisbane landscape designers create innovative and functional designs that reflect your brand identity and meet your commercial objectives.
  2. Landscape construction: Our skilled construction team brings the design to life using high-quality materials and industry-leading techniques, ensuring durability and longevity.
  3. Landscape maintenance: We offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your commercial landscape looking its best, including pruning and seasonal plantings.

With our comprehensive range of services, you can trust Penfold Projects to handle every aspect of your commercial landscaping project from start to finish. In addition to our commercial landscaping services in Brisbane, Penfold Projects also offers exceptional Gold Coast landscaping solutions, providing the same level of expertise and dedication to clients in the Gold Coast region. Our team of skilled professionals are also well-equipped to tackle commercial landscaping projects on the Sunshine Coast, ensuring that businesses across South East Queensland can benefit from our top-tier services.

Transform your Brisbane commercial landscape

Choose Penfold Projects as your commercial landscaper and experience the difference our expertise and dedication can make for your business. As a leading provider of landscaping services in Brisbane, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your project and learn how we can help you create a stunning and functional commercial landscape that sets your property apart.


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Your commercial landscaping questions, answered!

What types of commercial sectors do you have experience working with?

Penfold Projects has extensive experience working with a wide range of commercial sectors, including retail centres, office complexes, industrial parks, and hospitality venues. Our diverse portfolio demonstrates our ability to deliver exceptional results across various industries.

How do you ensure minimal disruption to business operations during the landscaping project?

We understand the importance of minimising disruptions to your business operations. Our team works closely with you to develop a project schedule that accommodates your needs, ensuring that we work efficiently and discreetly to complete the project with minimal impact on your daily activities.

Do you offer ongoing maintenance services for commercial landscapes?

Yes, Penfold Projects offers comprehensive ongoing maintenance services to keep your commercial landscape looking its best. Our maintenance plans are tailored to your specific needs and can include services such as pruning, fertilising, pest control, and seasonal plantings.

How do you incorporate sustainability and environmental considerations into your commercial landscaping projects?

As your commercial landscaper, we are committed to incorporating sustainable practices and environmental considerations into our commercial landscaping projects. This includes selecting native and drought-tolerant plants, implementing water-efficient irrigation systems, and using eco-friendly materials whenever possible. We strive to create landscapes that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible.

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