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Landscape Idea: 5 Tips to Take Your Green Space Indoors

Taking your green space indoors a fantastic way to take advantage of the benefits of having a garden while staying clear of the elements.

Green spaces have been found to improve our lives in a multitude of ways, including improving immune function, reducing stress, improving mental health, lower blood pressure, reduce mortality and improve health longevity, improve sleep, help us be more productive, and more.

Some factors to consider when taking your green space indoors are the types of plants to use, methods of containing and displaying them, and maintainability.

To maintain green spaces that are healthy over time, it’s important to know your growing conditions. Do you have windows with full-time bright sun or generally quite dark? Does your space have overactive ventilation that makes it drafty and dry? Will your pet knock over or munch on potted plants.

Check out some ideas our design team have for your indoor green space below!

Herb Garden in your kitchen

Possibly one of the easiest gardens to implement indoors at home is a herb garden. You will need to look at the lighting in your space and implement additional artificial sources if natural illumination is unavailable. A herb garden in your kitchen can invigorate your interior while bringing in a sense of life and deliciousness to your kitchen… not to mention extremely handy! There are plenty of online inspiration for indoor herb garden, the below are some of our favourites:

Display Terrarium

A terrarium is usually a sealable glass container with soil and plants, often succulents, mosses or small ferns dependent on lighting conditions and moisture. They originated in the Victorian era, and they are experiencing a resurgence and is very on trend for 2018. A terrarium brings in a pop of green while keeping with a simplistic and sophisticated visual aesthetic.

Hanging Pots

A spin on the traditional pot plants, but hanging! The hanging pot is a fantastic way to add some green to your space without compromising surface area or have them in locations at risk of being knocked over.

Indoor Podium Planting

A podium planter is a planter that is built into the building with internal drainage and waterproofing. When constructed by landscaping professionals, they are often installed with geofabric, sand, and soil to ensure drainage is performing properly. There are options for built-in irrigation systems. While a more permanent fixture in your space, a podium planter is one of the lower maintenance options, especially for large internal areas.

Vertical Gardens and Green Walls

A green wall or vertical garden is a fantastic option to bring the outdoors inside. Installing a green wall or vertical garden is no easy task, however our landscape professionals here at Penfold Projects are on hand to help you achieve the look you’re after. Check out our blog on Green Walls to read more about their benefits! Below are some green walls that our team has installed:

Taking your green space indoors a fantastic way to take advantage of the benefits of having a garden while staying clear of the elements.

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