Penfold Projects is an award-winning industry leader in landscape design and construction.

Our Team

Penfold Projects aims to have the most passionate, sought-after, and knowledgeable industry personnel assisting with the design and delivery of your project.  Our staff has completed and exceeded the necessary training and tuition to ensure that the right information and industry know-how is presented at all stages of your project.

From our dedicated Project Managers and accredited Site Supervisors, to our industry qualified Landscape Designers and Architects, we guarantee that only the most accomplished experts are responsible for completing your project.

Todd Penfold


With over 20 years of experience in the Landscaping and Construction Industry, Todd has grown Penfold Projects into a highly successful national brand. He has experience in spearheading projects from large-scale commercial, government, and development projects, to working closely with homeowners to turn their visions into a reality.

Todd wields expert negotiation and management skills to position Penfold Projects as an industry leader. Todd prioritises efficiency, attention to detail, and high-quality outcomes in every project.

Rob Moates


As Commercial Manager at Penfold Projects, Rob programs staff and machines, while acting as a point of contact for clients to ensure all elements of their project are on track. Rob has over 20 years of experience in the landscape industry, specialising in both soft and hard landscaping. He has the ability to understand, interpret, and implement plans with ease.

Formerly Project Manager, Rob calls on his years of experiences and skills attained to run Penfold Projects’ highest profile projects. Rob strives to meet and exceed clients’ demands, allowing for a harmonious project experience for all involved.

Jason Renel


Jason leads our team in the planning and delivery of all construction projects. Self-starter and resourceful, Jason is able to consistently deliver projects within stipulated time frames by prioritizing and ensuring completion of our clients’ objectives.

His multi-dimensional skills allow him to understand the full project lifecycle from conceptual planning and estimation of costs, to development of construction methodologies and execution of building processes.

Adrian Lenthall


Adrian boasts an impressive wealth of experience from leading teams of 50+ staff and sub-contractors to successfully overseeing completion of multiple million dollar projects.

With a calculated and calm demeanor, Adrian never backs down from challenges and possesses an extensive understanding of all logistical, financial and operational aspects of the industry.

Peter Sauer


As our longest-serving employee, Peter embodies the core values of the Penfold Projects brand. Commencing as a labourer working alongside now-Director Todd Penfold, Peter has an innate appreciation for the hard work, commitment and sacrifices that have developed Penfold Projects into the highly successful business it is today.

Peter brings a wealth of experience to his role as Project Manager, applying his extensive knowledge and skills from on-site to ensure best outcome possible for both staff and clients. Peter’s easy-going nature and relaxed yet effective approach fosters productive and long lasting business relationships.

Jesse Woods


Hailing from Perth, Jesse brings more than two decades of experience in the building and landscaping industries to the Project Management team.

Jesse lends his perfectionist work ethic and relaxed demeanour to every project, with a view to completing tasks to the highest possible standard. Since arriving at Penfold Projects, Jesse has been responsible for a range of projects, all of which display his exemplary attention to detail and quality.

David Olszewski


Joining Penfold Projects in 2019, David is a knowledgeable and experienced manager with a flair for quality execution and a genuine commitment to achieving excellence.

With a proven track record showing superior planning organisation skills, David is able to develop outstanding strategies to attain desired results, while leading through example. He is known for his professional demeanour to business dealings and strong interpersonal skills.

Mike Van Vuuren


Joining us from a Civil Construction background, Mike is a driven and accomplished Maintenance Manager who brings over eight years of experience to his role at Penfold Projects.

With excellent interpersonal skills and a leadership mindset, Mike has collaborated with our best Project Managers on key projects. Known for his versatile skillset, Mike has operated in a wide array of areas in the industry from hard and soft landscaping to streetscaping and civil construction.

Jennifer Stevens


Jennifer is a Landscape Architect with extensive background in ecology, landscape, and urban design. Jennifer brings experience of development project areas including conceptual design, detailed design, local neighbourhood and urban renewal planning, community and public consultation, and strategic planning.

From smaller sized residential, to large-scale landscape design projects, Jennifer is passionate and excited to shape contemporary public and private spaces, and to implement key projects from the ground up. Jennifer plays an integral role within the Penfold Project team.

Our field staff includes highly qualified landscape site supervisors and tradespersons, mobile plant operators, concrete, irrigation and maintenance staff.

Work With Us

We pride ourselves on delivering a service unparalleled in the industry with a team that is knowledgeable, diverse, and passionate. We seek to employ individuals who embrace and embody the Penfold Project values of commitment, teamwork, reliability, and honesty in generating landscape excellence.

If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of our award-winning team, please send your expression of interest and resume to, or click here to see our current vacancies.

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